Friday, September 28, 2007

Stop and smell the Eucalyptus

Some of my friends suggested I start this blog to chronicle my move from Washington DC to the San Francisco Bay area.
So now I've gone and done it, in the most low-tech way possible, courtesy of Google. The hard part was naming the damn thing because all the good names are taken. I spun around geography (Going Coastal, Go West, Veer Left) communication, (Blather On, Free Associate) and even my semi-advanced age (Mid Stream). All taken. It reminded me of the time I was naive enough to think I could be AS IF! So fine, all you clever people out there, keep your creative names. I'm naming my blog Eucalyptus Way, after the tall, graceful aromatic tree that perfumes the air around our crazy Berkeley rental house, with a little help from the jasmine, lavender, lime blossoms and rosemary .

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